SUP Safari - in Manchester by the Sea


"The beauty of stand up paddling is that anybody can do, I think it's easier than riding a bicycle. You can be up and going in five minutes and you can get out and do it without minimal instruction." -  Christian Del Rossario, Owner of SUP Surfari

With salty air and the ocean breeze, the summer on the North Shore of Massachusetts is the best time of the year to try something new.  In Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, located right on the water, a new type of activity is beginning to take shape.  SUP Surfari is a Stand up Paddling and Surf Company growing its client base by offering stand up paddling and surfing lessons, tours, and gear. Surfari opened in 2007, when Christian Del Rosario, Manchester native, and his wife, Nicole, decided that this was their passion and they wanted to spread the SUP word.

Christian was born and raised in Manchester. He left for college, and then started his life in Nantucket with his wife and children.  He has been surfing for 30 years and he has surfed all over New England, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. He spent the last 15 years living in Nantucket, but this summer will be his first summer living back in Manchester since 1992.  Christian has run a surfing camp in Nantucket for the past 7 years, but he sold the business and has moved back home.  "This is the first summer I will be up here and not running the summer camp, I will be able to be with my family, which is always nice," he said.

The first time Christian saw stand up paddling was in 2005 at the Nantucket Film Festival.  He was watching Riding Giants, a documentary about the surf culture.  "The paddle boards at this time were basically homemade", said Christian. The more he heard about it, the more interested he became in SUP.  Two years later he got his first production stand up paddle board in Nantucket and by that summer he was teaching others how to paddle board.

Christian's passion is being on the water. Whether its surfing, paddle boarding, or sailing, you can find him in the water every season of the year.  "September through April is when you can experience the best surf, it doesn't even matter about the weather, just throw on a wet suit," he said. He has racked up 25,000 miles offshore, living and sailing the Atlantic. "Being on the water is my passion, and I love teaching," said Christian.  He chose an abandoned building to set up shop, which just happened to be at a great location. Surfari is located in Manchester Bay, where the water is mostly flat and the conditions are perfect for paddle boarding. "We are in the perfect location.  The harbor is super protected from boat traffic and wind, making this one of the best places to paddle board," said Christian.  Surfari offers private and group lessons and an open public group lesson.

Paddle boarding is for everyone. It's easy to learn, it's a good work out, and it's different than any other activity.  Paddle boarding are for those who like to be out on the water and for those who want to try something new without having to take a handful of lessons to get the hang of it.  "People like to race, SUP surf, flat water cruise, tour, workout, fish, and bring their kids on the paddle boards," said Christian.  With the right instruction and personal enthusiasm, paddle boarding is a perfect day activity because it gets you out and active and it's easy to pick up.


As far as SUP Surfaris plans for the summer, they will continue to have lessons and tours.  They will have a three day kids camp, along with weekly free demos on Thursdays, and a Friday night "after work" paddle boarding session.  SUP also offers after school sessions for children, which start during April vacation.  "The kids don't even care if it's cold, they put on a wetsuit and they are in the water," said Christian.  They will be hosting a variety of demo nights featuring Jimmy Lewis Boards, were you can test out a handful of paddle boards.

Christian has dedicated his heart and soul into SUP Surfari. He is enthusiastic about extending their programs this summer and seeing what the future holds for them.  So, whether you're looking for a new activity or hobby, or you just want to try something new, Surfari Stand up Paddling is the place to go. So what are you waiting for, get out there and paddle!

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