Just Herbals - Interview with Emma Scully

Herbalist Emma Scully of Just Herbals in the North Shore

Herbalist Emma Scully of Just Herbals in the North Shore

“One cup of tea, just one cup of tea at a time can help you. It is an act – it is a form of activism. Just the act of drinking tea can be very changing.”

These words are spoken by a North Shore local named Emma Scully. Emma is a young herbalist and the woman behind the making of her online company, Just Herbals.

Just Herbals is Emma’s way of spreading her love for herbalism and its medicinal use to the world. Herbal medicine was not always a part of her life, however. “It all started when I took a class, Herbal Pharmacology with Margi Flint. It was… a one credit course, and it looked interesting,” says Scully, while sipping on home brewed nettle and lemon balm tea.

Scully smiles in the tasteful joys of her tea, “After that first class, I wanted to learn more about plants and their uses. With some help from a friend, I made up my mind, and went up to Vermont where I lived in a tent... I worked on a garden and studied under Rosemary Gladstar.” [whom Emma refers as the godmother of American Herbalism]

Her education and experiences only continued to blossom in Vermont, as she went on to attended numerous herbalist workshops and conferences hosted by herbalism’s biggest names. Eventually, Emma found a job within the herbalism community at an apothecary, and each week she garnered more than a paycheck.

“I was absorbing a lot, though I didn’t think I learned a lot. There is something about teaching that solidifies knowledge,” Emma explains. She notes that there is a lot to learn within herbalism and it can seem overwhelming to newcomers: “I still have a load to learn and experiment with.” She reminds us, “Just one cup of tea at a time.”

As for future plans, Emma is looking forward to the upcoming spring and summer. She will be focusing more on her homemade products and educating many students through her fast-growing classes. “My goal is to foster the community of herbalism, helping to connect people with plants and their bodies, which fosters people to care for the environment.”

You can sign up for classes or buy some of her homemade products at:   www.justherbals.com


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