Gifts 4 Soul - Interview with Lisa Meninno

Lisa Meninno, owner of Gifts 4 Soul on Market Street in downtown Ipswich.

Lisa Meninno, owner of Gifts 4 Soul on Market Street in downtown Ipswich.

Into her forties with little clothing options Lisa Meninno, owner of Gifts 4 Soul, decided it was time to pursue her dream of becoming a business owner. 

“I didn’t want to dress like someone I wasn’t, but I also didn’t want to wear old lady clothes,”

is Lisa’s response when asked her inspiration to begin selling clothing.  However, the clothing options sold at Gifts 4 Soul are not of your typical variety.  Selling brands like Green Dragon, Pink Lotus and Indigenous Lisa explains, “All the clothing is either organic, USA made, or fair trade.  And while I would love to be able to sell completely organic clothing the prices would not be reasonable for all my customers because it does get expensive.”   Not looking for clothes? Gifts 4 Soul has plenty of gift options.  Ranging from all natural, gluten free soaps and oils to repurposed jewelry and locally handcrafted handbags.   

Viewing the world as one big community she believes that selling fair trade items helps not only the people who make them but the world as a whole.  As for deciding to sell organic clothing Lisa had many reasons but gave us a list of the top 10. 

  1. Reduces the used of earth polluting
  2. Higher Quality Fabric
  3. Softer
  4. Saves energy
  5. Reduces Genetically modified materials
  6. Supports sustainable agriculture practices
  7. Protects water quality
  8. Reduces negative health conditions of agricultural workers
  9. Invests in sustainable economy 
  10. Protects future generations

Helping the environment comes full circle in Gifts 4 Soul.  Instead of purchasing new pieces the clothing is displayed on recycled and reused mannequins and the gifts and other products are neatly stocked and arranged on old, reused furniture.  Next time you’re in the North Shore community of Ipswich stop by to see the beautiful gifts and noticeably softer clothing.

Gifts 4 Soul - 4 Market Street, Ipswich, MA  01938   978-815-7466